Roblox Welcomes YouTube Icon Ryan’s World

A new influencer recently moved into the Roblox universe, and it brings along a wholesome experience for both children and adults. Ryan’s World is a YouTube Channel with over 27 million followers and 43.2 billion views. If the name sounds familiar, it is because the channel’s former name is Ryan ToysReview. However, this is not the first time that the channel ventured outside the confines of YouTube.

Before we get into the specifics, let’s take a quick look at the history of Ryan’s World and get to know the characters involved in one of the most-viewed and most subscribed channels on YouTube.

Getting to Know Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World began as Ryan ToysReview on YouTube. It has debuted on the video-sharing site in March 2015, featuring Ryan Kaji as the main host. Ryan’s mother, Loann Kaji, who was a chemistry teacher, started the channel as per Ryan’s request. The success of the channel resulted in a partnership with PocketWatch in 2017.

In addition to Ryan and his mother, his father, Shion Kaji, and his twin sisters, Emma and Kate Kaji, are also seen in some videos as supporting characters. Fun fact: The surname Kaji is a stage or screen name chosen by the entire family as a replacement for their real surname “Guan.” The family decided to make the change before going live on YouTube.

This is not the first time that a video game version of Ryan was developed. In 2018, the channel collaborated with WildWorks to create the Tag with Ryan app for mobile devices. A year later, a 20-episode series called Ryan’s Mystery Playdate made its way to the masses with the help of the channel’s long-time partner, Pocketwatch. Moreover, a video game called Race with Ryan also launched the same year as the TV series.

Now that we have a little background about Ryan’s World, let us take a quick look at what Ryan’s World Official has to offer for the Roblox community.

Ryan’s World on Roblox

First off, p.w Games developed Ryan’s Word. So if you want to look up the game in Roblox, you need to make sure that you have the right developer. Moreover, Ryan’s World follows the usual theme park setting in Roblox. As a bonus to the players, the game features exclusive Spy Gear items as one of their launching celebration items. Furthermore, the Spy Gear collection is available in the in-game gadget shop.

Ryan’s World also live-streamed the event’s launch, with Ryan having fun playing with his dad and many of their fans. Check out and visit Ryan’s World in Roblox today.


Roblox Ready Player Two

Image from Roblox


Ready Player Two Event on Roblox

Apart from the new Ryan’s World, Roblox also held a “Ready Player Two” event that rewards the first 777 players with Meta items (Meta star, Meta Phones, Meta Shades). As the name of the event suggests, “Ready Player Two” is a follow up to the Ready Player One event held the year before.

For those who are not familiar with the name, Ready Player One is a science fiction novel by Ernest Cline. The book tells the story of a gamer in search of easter eggs inside a massive VR world. There’s also a movie version of the book directed by Steven Spielberg, which premiered in 2018.

Going back to Roblox, the “Ready Player Two” event will kick off on the Ready Player Two Hub by Operation: Bert in Roblox. As for the mechanics, the event pays homage to the mentioned book, wherein every player’s task is to collect seven relics across Roblox. The first one who brings the first relic will be given a portal door to the game where the relic was found.

Roblox has been around for years, and it houses over 40 million games. This massive library of user-developed games boasts over a million visitors every day. With an audience as huge as that, there is no denying that Roblox is here to stay for years. Not to mention that access to the Roblox remains free of charge up to this day.

If you have been playing the game on mobile, now is the time to play Roblox on your PC. You can also check out how to play the game if it’s your first time playing Roblox.