Roblox: New Arsenal Surprises in Post-Christmas 2021

Roblox is an awesome free-to-play PC game that captured 150 million players worldwide. It’s a massive online community that was developed by Roblox Corporation. Unlike other video game titles, Roblox serves as a hub for mini-game titles called “Worlds”. Each one is unique and caters to different video game genres. The only thing constant in each realm is the Roblox graphics theme. They all share the same character designs and player avatars that you can fully customize– only the gameplay varies. Despite the various selection of mini-games, there’s one that stands out above the rest– Arsenal.

Join the intense first-person shooting action in Roblox Arsenal. It’s an action-packed title made by ROLVe Community and takes inspiration from Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You take control of your customized avatar and join 15 other competitors in a chaotic firefight! Every round is an arms race to reach the maximum number of kills to win. This game is a fan-favorite with over 1 billion visits in June 2020. Now to celebrate its massive success, Arsenal rolled up a massive update during their Christmas update in December 2020.

The Arsenal’s Christmas Update II

The Arsenal’s first Christmas event started on December 14, 2019, with new maps, kill effects, taunts, weapons, and unique skins. It’s one of the most anticipated events in the game and the dev’s way of thanking its players before going into the new year. This year, Roblox Arsenal held nothing back as they ended 2020 with a bang during their holiday event. Check out what new goodies were added during the last month of 2020.

Roblox PC New Arsenal


Arm Your Roblox Avatar with New Firearms

You can never have too many weapons in Roblox Arsenal so Santa came bearing new powerful weapons. Check out the new firearms that you can use for an explosive Christmas celebration while gunning down enemies:


The most devastating assault rifle is back in the fray and it’s there to stay. Punch holes into your enemies with its high damage and fast reload time. You can never go wrong with the classic AK-47.

Candy Cane Minigun

Share your yuletide blessings by showering them with sweet bullets from the C.C. Minigun! It shoots out four bullets simultaneously and has a huge ammo pool!


Toys are also awesome gifts for Christmas, and this little elf kills your enemies for you. Watch him shoot his blaster while he stands on your palm!

Those are just three of the awesome weapons you can get with the new update! You can also get the Nutcracker shotgun which decimates your opponents up-close and personal. You can also try the deceitful Ornament that can bleed your opponents dry when you throw it against them. If that’s not enough, then try your hands at the Peppermint Rifle. It’s a unique assault rifle that uses a bottle of peppermint as a magazine! Christmas is a season of giving, so give them a taste of your new weapons and claim glorious victory!

The FPS Game That Keeps on Giving

Aside from the weapons, Arsenal also added new beautiful skins. You can buy one of the 19 holiday skins in the in-game shop and they’re all eye-candies for your avatar! You can customize your character as the enigmatic Christmas Nomad or the harbinger of justice with the Northern Crusader skin! You can even become Krampus– the nightmare of the Yuletide season!

Roblox Free New Skins

The game also added seven new maps including Santa’s Workshop! Every single one of these goodies is here to stay in 2021! In fact, they added more stuff on the first day of the new year! Check them out:

  • The Mittens and Wooden Spoon were added to the Melee arsenal.
  • New Kill effects were added namely Fatal Candy Cane and Gingerbread.
  • Your avatar can now acquire the Bellringer, Hot Chocolate, and Toy Train taunts.

You can check out these items and more in the in-game shop. Start your 2021 in style as you climb the leaderboards in Roblox Arsenal!

An Exciting New Year for Roblox Arsenal

It’s certainly a good way to end 2020 and a more welcoming gesture to start 2021! You can expect that the developers have more surprises in-store throughout the year! They also made it a point to fix all the major bugs of the game before 2020 ended. This made sure that players will have a better overall gaming experience when they play Arsenal in the new year.

If you haven’t started playing Roblox yet, then now’s a great time to do it! Moreover, you can play the game on your PC by using our free game download! You’ll get access to full-screen gameplay, and customizable keymaps! You can also check out our How to Play guide so you’ll have the competitive advantage when you log in. So hop in and play Roblox on PC now! The ultimate FPS game deserves to be a part of the PC master race!