Roblox Lunar New Year Update: New House, Pets & More

Roblox is a popular adventure game that is enjoyed by players from all ages. It is the ultimate game where you can play, create mini-games, and interact with other players in a virtual universe. There are lots of worlds to explore in Roblox, and players can choose any mini-game that suits their play style.

Roblox is also a highly social game. You can chat with other players through messages, group walls, or even join a party chat. For older children, Roblox can be quite educational as it encourages creativity and building skills.

Furthermore, Roblox fans would be delighted to know that there are new stuff and surprises in store for them in celebration of the Chinese New Year! This article will talk about the newly released Adopt Me Lunar New Year update for the Roblox game. The update adds a new house, pets, and some cool new stuff.`

Roblox Lunar New Year update

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Roblox – Adopt Me Lunar New Year Update

Released on February 2, 2021, this latest update by the Adopt Me team adds new items to Roblox in celebration of the Chinese New Year. While the Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 12, the update will last up until February 23. Therefore, you have ample time to experience all the new stuff in the game and acquire the limited-time edition stuff as well. So while you are at it, update and play Roblox right now to experience all these great stuff.

New House

The Lunar New Year house is available for 2,000 bucks. Its furniture is also designed to capture the Chinese Holiday spirit. It’s a great place to hang out if you want your character to enjoy the Chinese New Year.

New Pets

Since 2021 represents the year of the Ox in the Chinese New Year, different types of Ox are now available in the game as pets! There’s also a Guardian Lion if you would like to adopt one.

Guardian Lion

This feisty Guardian Lion can be purchased with 500 Robux at the Adopt Me shop. This cannot be acquired through in-game bucks.

Ox Box

The newest loot crate feature, the Ox Box allows you to receive an Ox pet every time you purchase one for 350 bucks. The three variants are the following:

    1. Metal Ox: This type is the rarest of all.
    2. Lunar Ox: There is a 3 in 10 chance to get the Lunar Ox from the box.
    3. Ox: This pet is the least rare out of all 3 types.


Roblox Guardian Lion Pet


New Cars & Toys

The Lunar Stand has some special stuff for all Roblox players. This is accessible at the entrance of Adoption Island. Below are some of the new cars and toys that you can look forward to with update:

Lunar Muscle Car

Be sure to have 2,000 bucks with you to be able to ride around this cool, muscle car.

Palanquin Stroller

Stroll around this beauty for only 800 bucks.

Lunar Pogo

For 400 bucks, you can hop around Adoption Island with this toy.

Lunar Rattle

This is a pretty toy to make some noise with. As part of the Chinese New Year tradition, you have to make a lot of noise when the New Year rings. This is how you can shoo away bad spirits and bad luck. For only 150 bucks, you can make some noise with this rattle!

Tangerine Chew

For those who are on a tight budget, try the Tangerine Chew for only 100 bucks. This yummy snack will surely delight your taste buds. It is also believed to bring in good luck for the New Year.

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Download the newest Roblox game update today to check out all these new items before they are gone.