Free Roblox Hair this 2022 for a More Stylish Character

If you are one of the millions of Roblox players across the globe, then you already know that customization is one of the main features of the game. Simply because customization is the element that makes a Roblox character stand out or unique from the rest. Speaking of such, hairstyle is hands down one of the most sought out elements in character customization, having a collection of various hair in the game will allow any player to change the appearance of their character according to their preference.

Like most of the elements in Roblox, hairs require Robux to acquire. Nevertheless, there are ways to acquire hair in the game for free if you know where to get them.

Are you a new player or existing player who is looking at how to get free hair on Roblox for their character in 2022? Then, you are on the right page as we have scoured the net for some of the coolest free hairs that you can get your hands on. So without further ado, check out our collection of free Roblox hairs for boys and girls below.

Silver Tiara Hair

The Silver Tiara hair is part of the Wonder Woman event that is currently happening in the game. Of all the hair in this list, this is the only female free Roblox hair that requires the player to complete a quest. To earn this hair, you need to complete the Themyscira Experience, earn the badge, and the hair will automatically unlock.

Belle Of Belfast Long Red Hair

 Belle Of Belfast Long Red Hair is a free customization item in Roblox. As the name suggests, this item is inspired by the medieval styles of Belfast. Adding this hairstyle to your character will instantly make her the belle of the ball!

Roblox Free Hair Belle of Belfast

Image Source: Roblox


Orange Beanie with Black Hair

Orange Beanie with Black Hair is an avatar free Roblox hair that falls under the Town and City genre. This hip accessory comes with a pumpkin orange color making it also a perfect hair for Halloween.

Lavender Updo

The Lavender Updo is another Town and City accessory that you can get free of charge in Roblox. As the description goes, “what could be better than Lavender?” well we say “What could be better than an updo?” Showcase your character’s uniqueness with this beautiful updo!

Roblox Free Hair Lavender Updo


Cool Side Shave

The Cool Side Shave falls under the Town and Country that comes with the description: “Lookin’ sharp my man!” With that said, if you want your character to look cool and sharp, then you better get this free accessory while it’s free.

Colorful Braids

As you may have noticed by now, most of the free hair featured on this list falls under the Town and Country genre. With that said, our next featured free hair also comes from the same category. Colorful Braids is a free hair that is hip and cool, just do not swing this thing back and forth or you may hurt someone as per the description of the accessory.

Roblox Free Hair Colorful Braids


Black Ponytail

With a description that says it’s always in style, the Black Ponytail is an accessory that never goes wrong. This classic hairstyle is great for both boys and girls. So, if you want hair that never goes out of style, then you better get this accessory while it’s free.

Straight Blonde Hair

Straight Blonde Hair is an accessory that falls under all genres due to its simplistic design. Not to mention that this hairstyle is compatible with both male and female avatars. With that in mind, having this neat accessory in your collection will definitely make your avatar stand out no matter the gender.

Roblox Free Hair Blonde Hair


Brown Charmer Hair

Similar to straight blonde hair, the Brown Charmer Hair is a free accessory that falls under all of the genres in Roblox. As the name of the accessory suggests, this hair will turn your avatar into a charming character that no one can resist.

Blonde Spiked Hair

The blonde Spiked Hair is an accessory that will turn your avatar into a cool-boyband type of character. Having this free hair in your collection will provide you with an edge when it comes to customization. Just pair it with some flashy outfit and you are good to go.

True Blue Hair

Going back to the Town and City genre, the next accessory on our list is True Blue Hair. Now you can style your avatar with a superhero or anime-like hairdo free of charge. Become a cool dude with this eccentric hairdo!

Roblox Free Hair Blue Hair

Pal Hair

The final item on your list is the classic Pal Hair. Now you may already have this hair since this is the default hair given to anyone who signs up for Roblox. Nevertheless, this iconic accessory is definitely worth mentioning when it comes to free Roblox accessories.

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Now that you have the basic knowledge of the Roblox 2022 free hair, it’s now time to download and play this exciting game on your PC. Create the coolest and most eye-catching character in this open-world game now!