Roblox: Everything About The Game & Player’s Community

Roblox Community

Roblox is an amazing platform that provides a near-endless selection of video games. This is through the help of players and aspiring video game developers. The best part is that you can try out any of the games in the platform’s massive library without spending a single dime. In fact, if you have the patience and time to browse the platform, you will eventually stumble not only on great titles but on great people as well.

Oftentimes, a comparison between Roblox and some of the biggest titles makes its way into the public. However, it is fair to say that these comparisons focus more on the popularity of the brands rather than the structure. Comparing Roblox to other titles like Minecraft and other popular crafting games is like comparing a video game stall to the entire mall. This is because of Roblox is comparable to a mall that houses various stalls.


Similar to a huge shopping mall, Roblox provides a directory (in this case the search box). It where the player can just type in the genre or the title of a game and get overwhelming results of titles inspired by the keywords you provided. You can then try out any of the titles displayed in the results. And if you really like it, cast an upvote and a part of your favorites. Not to mention that if you have a concept for a game, Roblox will not only provide you with the tools but the knowledge as well for a fee.

You can then set up or publish your own game complete with microtransactions using Robux (the virtual currency of Roblox). Players who visit your game can spend Robux and purchase in-game power-ups and other items in your game. You can then exchange Robux for real-world currency.




In terms of community, the Roblox platform provides a stable digital space to over 56 million users. Per month, there are 5.6 concurrent users at its peak. The brilliance of Roblox is that one of the main foundations of its entire structure is the community. By keeping a close and healthy relationship with its players, Roblox was able to know what the community wants. The idea is then developed and infused into the platform in the form of updates and improvements.

With that said, if you are a gamer or a developer who is looking for a community to join, then, Roblox is definitely worth it. Download Roblox straight to your PC by clicking on the button on your screen.