How to Play Roblox – Adventure Free-to-Play Game

Roblox is both a game and programming platform that allows users to create any game they want and access games made by other players as well. It is a vibrant gaming community where users can create, publish, and share their own game creations. This means that users can create their own games through the platform, and they can also play existing games made by other users as well. Roblox now hosts tons of games in different genres and aesthetics, thanks to its active player-base!


As you may have known by now, Roblox PC houses a colossal number of indie game titles under its roof. So prepare yourself for an insanely overwhelming number of video games that are waiting to be explored! In addition to its massive library of video game titles, Roblox also allows you to show off your creativity through its avatar customization options.

For those who are new to Roblox, you have to know that players can create and design their own avatar. This avatar will represent the player in the game. That said, if you are planning to invest time and become a hardcore Roblox player, then investing in the aesthetics of your avatar is a must.

Customizable avatars and the colossal library of indie games make Roblox one of the most exciting community-powered online gaming platforms. If you are intrigued as to what other surprises are waiting for you in the game, you can download and play it on your PC today. If you want to know more, just scroll through our Roblox guide below to know more.

Are You Ready to Build Your Own Game?

After spending some time exploring different worlds and games to play on Roblox, you might wonder if you have what it takes to build an actual game—and you probably do! But there’s only one way to find out, and that is to start your Roblox journey now.

How To Begin Your Roblox Journey

Starting your journey on Roblox is pretty simple. It just takes a few minutes to set up your account in the game. After that, you have to create and customize your avatar. The avatar represents you in the Roblox world, so make sure you create and personalize it as much as you like! Once you are done with your avatar, you can start exploring and play various games that are created by other players.

Create an Imaginative World in the Roblox Studio

The best thing about Roblox is the Roblox Studio. This is a kind of software where players can create their very own game and publish it for others to play! It is one of the main reasons why Roblox is so popular among players. Roblox Studio is a great platform for those who want to start dabbling in game production and developing. But before we go into that, you have to familiarize yourself with the term “Obby.”

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Obby refers to the obstacle that you have to overcome in a game. Usually, this involves jumping, swiping, climbing, or whatever you need to do to accomplish a level in any game. If you have played other games before, then you already know what this means. In Roblox, each user-made game utilizes an Obby, and there is a variety to choose from because of the many themes, gameplay mechanics, and genres that can be made through the platform.

While Roblox Studio may seem daunting at first glance, it is not at all complicated to handle and navigate. You would find that it is actually one of the best designed and user-friendly platforms in the market. So before we head on to create a new Obby, you must go over the basic functionalities of the tools available in Roblox Studio. Basics are vital for every beginner, so we made this guide just for you.


To make sure that your Obby works, you must learn the basics of Lua scripting. This is a scripting language that will make your creations come to life. Don’t be afraid, it is quite easy to learn—even for newbies. But if you don’t have the time to learn Lua Scripting now, don’t worry. The Roblox Studio has tons of pre-made templates that you can use to build a game from scratch.

Building Terrains

To create your first Obby, you have to set the terrain first. To start, there are templates already available for you in the Roblox Studio, and you can customize these templates according to your preference and design. There are templates for city, houses, sub-urban, race tracks, and more.

Aside from the predetermined templates, there is also a range of themes that you can choose from. Themes help set the kind of environment that you want with your terrain. Some of these predetermined terrains and templates are City, Suburban, Future World, Medieval Age, Fairy Island, Magical Worlds, Western World, and Pirate Island. Aside from terrain templates and themes, there are also gameplay templates available. These are ready-to-play games that you just need to tweak and modify to make it unique. You can then publish it when you think it’s good to go.

Choosing Surface Objects

One of the vital things to consider while creating a terrain is choosing the right surface object. There’s a range of surface types available in the studio. You can choose from smooth, studs, inlets, universal, glue, or motor. You can also choose various types that fit a certain part of the terrain. This adds a finer look to your Obby, especially for its ambiance.

You can also change the properties by right-clicking on the object. Go to properties and then go to options and change it to whatever surface texture that you desire. In other words, you can still customize each type of surface you want.

Choosing Moving Options

When your terrain is all set and done, you now have to choose between three types of “Moving” options to move your block or terrain. You can choose between 1 Stud or ½ Stud, but you can also opt to turn it off. Each stud is encased in a four-dot boundary. Choosing 1 Stud means that your character can move block by block (one block). This is the most common option that most creators use for their Obby. On the other hand, choosing ½ Stud makes your character move to only half of each block. Lastly, choosing to turn off the stud option restricts characters from moving to certain parts of the terrain blocks.

Collisions: On or Off

You also have the option to turn the collision on or off, depending on the Obby that you are creating. This option is used if your game involves jumping on obstacles or hitting structures like hills, bumps, and trees. This adds another dimension to the gaming experience that players would get from your game.

Floating Objects

Some of the games you can create in Roblox need items like weapons, armors, or bricks. And you may be thinking of making these things float during gameplay. For example, you created a battle royale game and you need the weapons to stand out in the environment to make them easily noticeable. What you can do is to make them “float”. To do this, just turn on the anchor setting above each item that you want to float.

Rotating Objects

If you are thinking of adding a few more final touches to your Obby, you can add some rotating objects. It can add some emphasis or aesthetic to your creations. To create and add a rotating object, you must click on CTRL+R on your keyboard then hold and press on CTRL+T to tilt objects.

Tip: Organize Your Terrain

When you’re done creating the base of your new game, make sure to have it organized! Nothing is much more frustrating and annoying than a messy video game. As a budding game developer, your goal is to create a game that is easily navigated by your players. Most importantly, you have to make sure that your game is responsive and fun to play!

If you want to take it up a notch and create more customized and unique games, you can use BTRoblox and Roblox+ browser extensions. These browser extensions help modify the look and functionality of the Roblox core website. Aside from adding more features, it enhances the overall developer experience. But before you can make use of these extensions, you have to install Roblox on your PC first. So how do you get Roblox on PC? Here’s how.

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How to Download Roblox on PC

Downloading Roblox to your PC is easier than playing Roblox titles on the platform (we are not kidding!). Just click on the download button that you can find on the lower-right part of the screen. If you can’t locate that button, you can go to our download page here. Then take note of the things below:

  1. Clicking the download button will initiate two processes. The first one involves the installation of a browser app that will serve as the launcher of the game. The second part of the process is the download and installation of the Roblox game itself.
  2. To initiate the second process, you must click or open the exe file that is first downloaded to your PC (from the first step).
  3. Once the installation process is done, the game will automatically open on your PC.

Don’t worry, you will be downloading an optimized version of the game. In other words, you don’t have to worry about whether or not this Roblox version is compatible for PC—because it already is. We optimized it to make it compatible with PC gaming! So if you are still on the prowl for fun and mildly challenging games that you can play or create on PC free-of-charge, then Roblox is for you! But don’t take our word for it, play Roblox to see it for yourself.